Em (L) and Liv (R) on Denman Island, 1988.


One could say that Sister Sister was actually established when the lil sis Liv was born, solidifying our inseparable bond and launching a lifelong journey of creativity and partnership.

Over the years we invented countless make-believe businesses together and dreamed of a day when we would do it in real life; it was only a matter of time before our lives aligned in a way that would allow for our business to become reality.

If you spend even a short amount of time with us in the same room, you'll realize we are nearly the same soul in two bodies. Though we each bring different skills and interests, we work together seamlessly, bouncing a project or idea back and forth to create something memorable.

Alone, we are each pretty cool girls (as we've been told. It would be weird for us to say that about ourselves)... but as a team, we bring out the best in each other, and in the work we create together.

Isn't it the best that two sisters are also best friends? Wouldn't it be even cooler if they married a set of brothers? Oh yeah, we did that too.

We are passionate about polish, panache, and professionalism, and truly believe that our united skillset offers our clientele the full package.


Or as we like to say ... We’ve got this.